Monitoring Service

Ashe Alarms offers a wide range of communication equipment to alert key holders or the emergency services should an alarm activation occur. As a NACOSS Gold installer we are able to gain emergency service response to premises. The type of signalling equipment installed is dependant upon a number of factors, such as security risk, ACPO policies, customers concerns and the location of the premises. High Risk locations often require secure signalling equipment to the central station, such as Redcare or Dualcom GPRS. Digital communicators are also available for those who require police response but have budgetary restraints.

What is Redcare GSM?

Redcare GSM is secure signalling equipment available to a central monitoring station. BT Redcare GSM combines a secure Redcare landline connection with a GSM radio backup path. In an event of a line cut it enables alarm systems to be monitored by the radio path. If the BT landline fails, the Alarm Receiving Centre will receive a communication failure message. The GSM path will continue to communicate with the Alarm Receiving Centre, sending any subsequent alarms prompting the Alarm Receiving Centre to alert the emergency services.

What is Dualcom GPRS?

Dualcom GPRS is an advanced communication device for secure alarm reporting and is compliant to Grade 2, 3 and 4. The speed of transmission is arguably faster than GSM technology to a central monitoring station. It monitors all communication paths fully so if a fault occurs on the landline the fault is reported on the GPRS side.

As a NACOSS Gold installer we are able to gain emergency service response to premises..