Intruder Alarms

Intruder AlarmsAt Ashe Alarms we believe that the company you choose to install and maintain your security system is as important as the system itself. We listen to the concerns of the customer and recommend a system that meets those needs, not what is best for us. When choosing the company to install your security system always check the proposed specification. Ashe Alarms provide a clear and detailed specification so the customer knows exactly what and where they are getting security protection installed.

Ashe Alarms can install all types of intruder alarm systems to meet the customers exact requirements. From a simple ‘bells only’ system, one area system through to a multi area, Redcare GSM or Dual com GPRS system. As a NACOSS Gold company we are able to obtain emergency service response for high risk premises if required.

We offer both wired or wireless systems depending upon the architectural nature of the premises. We are able to install speech diallers to call key holders on alarm activations. We are able to install pet immune detectors as well.

In its most basic form an intruder alarm system is an audible and visual deterrent against potential burglars. The external bell shows that there is a system installed and the sounders alert local residents of an intruder. The presence of a professionally installed intruder alarm system by Ashe Alarms strongly deters potential burglars. Connection to the local police authority is an option and would be discussed once a meeting with the customer has taken place.

We are able to service and maintain existing intruder alarm systems that are many years old. All our engineers have been trained on the vast majority of panels, such as Texecom, Gardtec, Honeywell, Scantronic, Menvier and Pyronix to name but a few of the leading intruder alarms.

Ashe Alarms can install all types of intruder alarm systems to meet the customers exact requirements..